Wednesday, April 10, 2024

So, we had an eclipse, close by.

You may recall August, 2017, the last time we had a partial solar eclipse near Boston. I wrote about it here. The primary difference other than the seven years passing is that this eclipse was 92%, whereas the 2017 one was about 60%.

I was surprised at the amount of light illuminating our surroundings with the sun 90% occluded. Much more than I expected. However, our roof-top solar array certainly noticed the effect.

Solar Array Output - Eclipse
Graph of power output from 6AM to 6PM yesterday.

The dip peaks at 3:30, and, from the original image, the high peak is 1,429 Wh and the valley is 133 Wh, which is pretty close to the projected magnitude. The sky was pretty clear, just some high thin clouds which showed up as an overall slight reduction rather than discrete dips.

Hope you enjoyed this trip off the usual path. Comments welcome!

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