Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Still, No Updates Missed

Becka Sutton has continued the unbroken string of twice weekly updates to her web-serial, Dragon Wars, with hundreds of updates to her excellent story. From her web site:
Dragon Wars: Young Adult Fantasy. Three British teenagers are dragged into another world to be warriors in its millennia long conflict with the dragons.  This ongoing Fantasy series will span several sub-genres.
She updates Friday and Monday at Dragon Wars.

She has been collecting the arcs of Dragon Wars in both e-book and physical form. The first in the series, Land of Myth, has been available since last summer, and the second, The Storm Child, is being prepared for a spring release.

I'm bragging on Becka's story and ethic because she's in the middle of an IndiGoGo Campaign to fund a portion of the pre-production costs. Click the link and check out the current status. As I write this, twenty-six days remain in the campaign. The perks are described along with the work to be funded; if you can, adding your two cents (or whatever) to the pot would be appreciated.

Disclaimer: While I'm happily doing the e-book formatting for the series, it is gratis, because I can. My interest is in helping Becka get the best version possible of her brilliant story in front of people.