Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Hello and yeah, been a while. How about a political rant?

This is close to the text of an open letter I sent to President Joe Biden, Senators Elizabeth Warren and Edward Markey and Representative Stephen Lynch, relating my opinions of Louis DeJoy. There are some minor differences between this and the ones sent through the various contact forms, mainly for the President, since that one has (apparently) a 1500 character limit on its messages. At least they don't (yet) use the abysmal captcha asking you to pick photos of dog crap to post.

Dear ;

I am aware of many of the problems facing the country and the government as well as the Government. However, when I read this headline and the article on the other day,
Postmaster General announces 10-year plan including longer mail delivery times and cuts to post office hours
By Kristen Holmes, Liz Stark and Devan Cole, CNN
Updated: Tue, 23 Mar 2021 18:50:32 GMT
Source: CNN

my first thought was how stupid is Louis DeJoy? He doesn’t need ten years to do that; he’s been doing a brill job since he was installed to do just exactly that.

Then, I realized that it’s the death of a thousand cuts. He figures, over ten years, we won't notice. He’s planning the demise of the Postal Service as a useful organization; one that can therefore be wiped off the face of America, replaced by DeJoy’s Message Service™ (Only a 50% increase in rates [today] over that useless entity that can’t even buy gas powered vehicles to keep our economy strong!”

I have a personal issue with DeJoy’s improved service from the end of 2020, though based on news reports I am one of a great number, and my issue is petty in the grand scheme of things. And it’s a first world problem; the package was finally delivered. Attached below is the image of the USPS Tracking Results which show this package required two plus weeks and visits to Brockton,MA; White Plains, NY; Jersey City, NJ (five times); Kearney, NJ, and Springfield MA to make the trip from Mountainside, NJ to our home in Stoughton, MA. I’d have to say Mr. DeJoy is doing a bang-up job!

If your desire is to have the postal service vanish and all its equipment, etc., trashed the way DeJoy had sorting machines sold for scrap (I don’t think he actually had them sold, just disassembled them and discarded the pieces in parking lots.) during the run-up to the elections last year; and a substantial fraction of the employees trashed along with the equipment (’cause so many are gurls, you know, and not only that, they’re not pure-blooded European descendants, and what does a good ’Murrican company need with those?), then keep Louis DeJoy in his position, where he can continue to follow trump’s orders to get rid of that blight on good American Capitalism.

In other words, do the right thing:
One: Eliminate the need for the Postal Service to self-fund its future pension needs til beyond the date when the climate has destroyed even the most ardent nay-sayer.
Two: Get rid of the person who wants to kill you. In case you’re keeping score, that would be Louis DeJoy.

Thanks for your attention and concern.


Your thoughts and opinions are welcome.