Friday, July 13, 2018

Look, it’s Friday the Thirteenth! And Another Quarter.

Big deal. So far, in my decades of experience, nothing particularly bad, or good, to be fair, has happened on a Friday the 13th. So, another old wives’ tale? For me, seems so. YMMV.

I haven’t come back to admit I’ve decided not to post my progress or lack thereof; however, a few words of explanation seem to be in order. First, I’ll post the charts for May and June in a few days.

What happened was a lot of non-writing writing tasks. Reviewing my reader’s comments on three stories, responding and making changes. Having the opportunity to read and comment on her work, as well.

In other fun things, we did this:

Docked on the Rhine River, Kehl, Germany

A ten day trip which included a week-long cruise from Amsterdam, NL to Basel SW. Very nice and highly recommended. However, since I wasn’t going to take any significant electronics through US C&BP returning, all writing was pencil and paper.

However, the plane rides to and from Europe, and down time in the cruise itself, allowed not only a little original writing, but—remember those three proof copies I ordered from CreateSpace back in February? I finally went through all of them, marking errors and such. I’ve even gotten changes for two books folded into the original files.

All in all, this quarter is shaping up to be one that supports the writing effort with ancillary (though editing isn’t really ancillary) tasks.

My goal, as of today, is to have four books in the Dragons Run My Life series available for sale by October 1. Now, all I have to do is do it.

Comments welcome.