Friday, June 27, 2014


My last post, I asked for opinions, and received a couple regarding the cover image for Connections. I promised to post the next iteration for comment, and it is below. I made changes that I think embodied the suggestions I received; of course, any problems are mine, not those kind enough to comment.
As always, opinions, comments and suggestions are welcome. What do you think? Is it too much like the  Freedom cover, just to the right? Or is the similarity a good thing, in your view?

Friday, June 20, 2014

On the Eve of Summer, A Request For Opinions

I’ve finally done some work on the cover for Connections, so once again,  here’s your chance to be a critic. I’m leaning toward this one.

But this one isn’t so busy.

Or do people like this photo as a background?

The images tie together (see if you can see this) the antagonist’s goal (obtaining a cassette with a compromising video) and his use of counterfeit dollars and cocaine (in the last photo, since it’s not really a driver) to gain it.

I like the Spanish Conexiones as a sub-title because a large portion of the story takes place in Peru, and visually due to the ‘X’ in the center, but as I mentioned, with the layout as it is, it may be too busy. Also, when I look at it in black and white, as a monochrome Kindle or Nook would do, the yellow washes into the background. More work would be needed to find a layout that doesn’t suffer the same fate.

Disclaimer: Neither counterfeit currency nor cocaine was used in the creation of these photos.

So, here’s your chance to say what you think, without any repercussions except that your idea might get used! Whatever you want to tell me about these potential images, or anything else, really, fill in the comments below.