Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Eclipse Is Over and Done, So What’s This About?

I know it's late; everyone has forgotten the eclipse in the news from the disaster in Texas. Speaking of that, give what you can to help, but be sure you give to organizations that will actually help the people in Houston and other communities affected by Harvey.

Back to our regularly scheduled program.
We've all seen excellent photos of the eclipse that occurred on the 21st past, but I thought perhaps there might be some slight interest in a different way of looking at the (for us, partial) solar eclipse.

We live south of Boston, so the eclipse was just over 60% coverage of the solar disk. We have a roof-top solar installation, and I thought the graph of the power output at five minute intervals might be interesting.

Power vs time of day, Aug 21, 2017

Note that we had, in addition to the eclipse, a few clouds; those account for the overall unevenness as well as apparent spike in output as the eclipse’s leading edge approached at about quarter past two (just before 14:20).

As always, comments welcome.

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