Monday, April 22, 2024

A Review to Accompany My Apology

Sorry. I spent too much time reading and not enough time preparing for this blog, so it’s not ready.

The reading was the complete Emperor’s Edge series from Lindsay Buroker, all nine books straight through. I read most of them when they were originally released, but decided I could do with a second helping of Amaranthe and Sicarius, and once I got started… Couldn’t stop.

I hadn’t thought to do a review, since I have no idea if it would have any visibility if just tagged on the series, and since it’s not directly a review of any of the individual books, it doesn’t feel right to post it there. 

So, in short, a well-written series following Amaranthe and her crew as they attempt to clear their names and support the Emperor in his quest to stay alive. It’s fun, more than you’d think the theme calls for, but Ms Buroker crafted her characters and plot turns to keep the reader entertained and attentive at the same time. 

The books could stand alone, I suppose, but while the plots, mostly, are well enough described that the earlier stories aren’t necessary for understanding, not reading from the beginning costs instead the character development which continues from the first book to the last.

I read the series in the Kindle format, using the Kindle app on my MacBook Air.

I recommend these books to anyone who enjoys a strong female protagonist in a steampunk informed setting fantasy, especially with well-developed characters. Since it sucked me in for the second time, five stars.

If after you read the Emperor’s Edge, you’d like more of Ms Buroker’s work, or if you’d like some samples before, visit her web site, at lindsayburoker.

I notice that Amazon has the first three books in the series available as a set, and the set might be free. Click the image to be taken to Amazon, in a new tab or window. I’m not a fan of audio books, but I know some are; those are also available.

Sales image Emperor's Edge 1-3

At least some of Ms Buroker’s works are available in epub3 at the Apple store; I assume that’s also true at other stores that offer epub3 books.

Once again, sorry about the delay in the PWA and AutoCrit postings I am doing. I’ll get it up as soon as I can.

Comments welcome!

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