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A Chance to Comment on Upcoming Covers

Update 3 April 2330

Just had a chance to review the published post, and I can say that it didn't match the preview! I'm trying to have the images show up, but if I fail, click on the box. Hovering over it will display the name of the image, and clicking it will open the image in the full window, with an arrow so you can view the second one.

I apologize.


Dragons Run My Life has a minimum two more books. The titles are

Book11, Entente Cordiale,

Entente Cordiale: A friendly agreement or relationship between two countries. A worthy goal.

Once more Ambassador Aedyt visits to warn Tanial of another impending attack by Free the Experiment.
Like the other, this attack is rebuffed but at significant cost. Tanial commandeers two gateways and travels to have words with Premier Fujita. The trip is extended to Jenan City, to discuss Free the Experiment’s goals and plans.
It doesn’t go well.

Tanial and the Premier tentatively agree to end the Experiment’s status as effectively ‘lab rats’.
Tanial returns to the Experiment to seek Miri and Jenoele’s approval, and Fujita brings the same request to the Assembly.

Kidnapping one of Free the Experiment’s leader’s family is a step too far. Isn’t it?

and Book12, A Pact of Concord

(Blurb coming)

The covers

Cover Image Book11Cover Book12

Love them? Hate 'em? Can't figure out what they are? Do they scream the wrong genre? Any thoughts at all will be welcome, so welcome that I'll ship one of my e-books (Your choice) for any commenter that answers one or more of these questions and leaves an email address that accepts attachments.

 Thanks for reading! Monday I'll be back with the next installment (part IV) of PWA and AutoCrit.

Comments even more welcome than usual!

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