Friday, June 27, 2014


My last post, I asked for opinions, and received a couple regarding the cover image for Connections. I promised to post the next iteration for comment, and it is below. I made changes that I think embodied the suggestions I received; of course, any problems are mine, not those kind enough to comment.
As always, opinions, comments and suggestions are welcome. What do you think? Is it too much like the  Freedom cover, just to the right? Or is the similarity a good thing, in your view?


  1. I don't see the similarity at all except for the odd font color.
    My concern are the DVD cases. I'm sure they have relevance to the book, but they visually lessen the cover appeal. Personally, I think it would be stronger with just the cocaine and money. Also, you have too many font colors.

    Hope that is helpful. This is of course, just my opinion.

    1. Thanks! I appreciate the comment. The digital video cassettes are the goal driving the antagonist. Is there some way to improve without leaving them out completely, in your opinion?
      Thanks again.