Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer’s Here

Almost 90 degrees today, and a hurricane developing off Florida. Perhaps it will blow some sense into the Supreme Court on the way by. Maybe. Not likely though. Enough of politics; I’m pretty sure the wonderful people who visit me here aren’t interested in my political views.

I’ve almost done the “final” revisions to Connections—a couple more carat marks to visit and make the indicated changes, and it’ll be ready for my long-suffering beta readers again. I hope they can still read it with an open mind; I know I can’t, at this point.

I changed the cover slightly based on kind comments; the results are below. Just because I post it here doesn’t mean I’d refuse comments! If you have one, sing out.


  1. While I can tell you what you changed, but it words because I like the cover now. Good job!

    1. Thanks for that! Since this isn't a competition... I lightened the font color a little (and used a single color except for the orange highlight), but the biggest change was the A Mercenaries Story, changing font and size, to make it a little less inrusive. That's after a couple of hours looking at different fonts for the title, LOL.
      Appreciate the comment!