Monday, August 20, 2012

The Muse is in the House - I've been busy

Two weeks ago the Muse came by and said "I'm back. Get to work."
What she meant was stop fooling around on Twitter and the blog. I could read the 30 or so comics and web serials I follow, and watch the Red Sox (winning 1 in 3 when they need to be winning 5 of 6), but otherwise, get to the writing.

She's done a pretty good job. Freedom No Matter (working title) jumped from 35Kwords to 73Kwords, though not all of those will make the cut, I fear. I'm targeting between 90 and 100Kwords, with the first draft finished before October 1.

For those interested, right now the Muse is off trying to figure out how much trouble the characters will get into in the next two scenes; she pretty much said what I was thinking won't work, Too Tame. We'll wait to see what she thinks is not Too Tame.

So, don't fret, I'm still around and loving the Muse when she's here. I hope none of you are missing her while I'm monopolizing her time.


  1. Glad to hear she's made a comeback. Been there too, didn't like it and followed this piece of advice: If it won't come, don't force it, but write something anyway, anything, so long as you write. She'll notice.

    1. Thanks for the comment! Yeah, but I found I wasn't nearly as productive doing that. Still, it kept my hand in, so to speak. Today, moving wood in anticipation. She'll watch, I suppose; those damn wings just won't generate enough lift...

  2. Glad you're okay, I've been a bit concerned. Glad the muse is back as well. Not fun when the muse wanders off.

  3. Thanks for the kind words. She's still being a task master, but at this rate, I'll have the first draft done before October. I'll still answer a Tweet, though.