Monday, March 4, 2024

A Couple Things for a Monday

 First, Happy Read an Ebook Week! 

To help you find a book to celebrate, you can find my entire collection FREE at @Smashwords from March 3-9. Find my books and many more at #ebookweek24 #Smashwords Both series starters and anything in between, though series enders have not yet been published. Sorry, not sorry!

Second, Today, at Amazon and wide,

We Are Not That Girl is available.

Buy it at Amazon    Books2Read (epub3)     Paperback (Amazon)

As mentioned above, at Smashwords, it’s free until March 9 in their Read an Ebook promotion, so go and check it out.

Next, the ninth book of Dragons Run My Life, Ruling, will go up for preorder by Friday the 9th and will release on Monday March 18th, as promised earlier. Links for that will be available by Friday.

The last of the books I have ready, One Pole At A Time, will be available for preorder by March 22, and then released on April first.

Speaking of being ready, two Rebecca Jamse Thrillers books, Hacked! and The Girl In The Bag, will follow One Pole in April. Hacked! on April 15 (at least it’s not Tax Day here in Massachusetts), and then one week later for the Girl In The Bag.

I’m reading with dismay and uncomfortable voyeuristic interest about the conflict in Israel, and I’ve about decided before I can release Girl In The Bag, I’ll have to rewrite the couple of scenes set in June, 2024 which take place in Tel Aviv and traveling to Syria via Lebanon. Fortunately, Beckie and Ian are on relatively good terms with the IDF.

I’ve been using both ProWritingAid and AutoCrit to prepare manuscripts for release. Next week, I’ll share some thoughts about both of them, reflecting the way I use them. I hope it will have some utility to you, but, maybe, maybe not. Or as they used to say, YMMV.

Comments welcome.

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