Thursday, January 10, 2019

Personal Feelings About MailChimp

This is my experience. I hope yours is different.

A the end of November, I signed up for a free account with MailChimp, to have something to do with the email addresses I got from participating in a BookFunnel promotion.

The sign-up was not particularly difficult, though a bit arcane for me, never having tried that sort of service before. I added my mail list, worked for a while on my first message, and sent a couple of test messages to myself.

Instantly (in internet time), I received a notification that my account had violated the TOS, and was suspended until… Never was clear until when. Or how to cure. So far, the answer is 'until forever'.

I responded to the notice the way it pointed to, saying I apologize and what exactly did I do and how do I get reinstated?
The message: Read the Terms of Service.

I did, several times. I still couldn’t figure out what I did. But there’s no way to contact them to ask that question and all the FAQs I found don’t address it either.

I had no response for two weeks, either to what I did wrong or what I had to do to be reinstated, so I closed the account and went to MailerLite. Even now, a month and a half later, nothing from them.

The warning I have is that, in my experience, MailChimp either has no customer service to speak of, or too much business. I can accept that a free account might well not raise any interest, but to ignore a request for help still seems to me a bit egregious.

Your experience may well be different. I hope it’s better.

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