Thursday, January 31, 2019

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The first two books in my Dragons Run My Life fantasy series, plus the short story that reads best between them.
Book One. Click Here for Amazon; click Here for other e-tailers (epub version)

The Intermediate Story: Click Here for Amazon; Click Here for epub versions.

Book Two. Click Here for Amazon; Click Here for epub versions.

The Dragons Run My Life series is set on the planet Toile. Follow the trials, heartache and joys of red-headed three princesses urged by beings they call ‘dragons’ to avoid continent-wide war, something they don’t even understand.

The desire to understand their world and the taboos they live with drives them. Of course, they have responsibilities, too, their families, their friends and compatriots.They are princesses, after all. Conflicts, assassins, ordinary day-to-day tasks all must be managed; none can be set aside for the quest.

The dragons speak to a few, without revealing their plans, or especially their nature. Their guidance, to use the term loosely, seems to lack any rationale; the few must make their own choices whether to accept the advice or not. Predictably, they follow when the direction given matches their instincts and hopes. How the dragons will react when their words are not heeded remains to be seen. Perhaps they know well enough how to couch their counsel so it will always be palatable.

Family, friends, country and joy of discovery drive the actions of those we see; others are equally driven, perhaps to seek the same goals.

The first two books, The Faux Princess and The True Princess, along with The Warden's Tale, are available now at your favorite e-bookseller. If you don't find them, please let me know so I can extend my reach.

Book Three: The Journeys Home will be available at the end of February. Pre-orders will be up soon.

Thanks for reading. Comments, as always, are welcome.

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