Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Review: La Sylphide - A Gripping Short Story by K. Gorman

Posted first at Amazon with Four Stars

I enjoyed reading the draft of Ms Gorman’s offering at her web site, and following up with the finished story was an equal pleasure for a couple of reasons: I didn’t have to wait a week between chapters, LOL, and there were a few changes that I liked with none that I didn’t.

I’m not sure of the genre; there are elements of romance, and fantasy and SF along with some dystopia to keep the reader engaged, though I think romance and fantasy dominate. As befits a story of this length, the plot doesn’t take many (any) side trips.

Still, I hoped for a more explicit resolution of a couple of plot threads (read: It wasn’t long enough!). This likely says more about me than the story, so I’ll avoid spoilers.

Ms Gorman’s characters seem true to me. I liked all of them, even Telemut, but Allish and Seth particularly struck the mark. Her descriptions are lush, even when chronicling the more dystopian scenes.

I read La Sylphide using the Kindle app on my MacBook; the formatting was fine. The cover evoked Allish as both dancer and sprite; I liked it, but didn’t check how my greyscale Kindle rendered it. The characters use real language.

I noticed a couple of typos which may by now have been corrected, but probably would interfere with no one’s enjoyment.

I recommend La Sylpide to anyone looking for a striking mélange of romance and fantastical elements.


  1. Nice review! :-) I stick primarily with novels and nonfiction, but I would like to read more short stories. This one seems to have an interesting blend of genres and well developed characters.

    1. Thanks for the comment! It has all that plus suspense. I hope you give it a chance, at least to peruse the sample pages on Amazon.