Wednesday, May 13, 2015

It’s Wednesday the 13th!

Not such a big deal, I guess.

Connections is available as a giveaway at Goodreads, running until the twentieth of May. If you have interest, click on over and sign up. Check out the display below.


Everyone has connections they take for granted, and others of which they are unaware.

Beckie’s ongoing training as a nineteen year-old apprentice in Ian Jamse’s mercenary group emphasizes teamwork above all else. Now, with the London episode behind her, it’s time to put her training on hold and begin her sophomore year at Miami.

Goldfarb impelled Piero to smuggle cocaine using sex and money. Their enterprise flourishing, Piero turns to the Peruvian Presidential election. Goldfarb controls the key to the election: videos documenting the conspiracy to pervert the course of justice both Piero and his chief opponent engaged in years ago. The videos would ensure Piero’s election.

To force delivery of the videos, Piero threatens to halt their smuggling partnership. When threatened, Goldfarb’s composure fails; he attacks Ian’s group, starting with Amy Rose, Beckie’s young friend.

To save Amy, to keep the team safe, Beckie must put her wants on hold. It’s a helluva one-semester course. Pass-fail means live-die.

Connections is the third Mercenaries story, a YA/NA thriller recommended for 15 and up. While Connections stands alone, readers may find that understanding the background and relationships, especially from Freedom Does Matter, enhances the story.

Bonus: an excerpt from the next offering in the series, Coda?, is included.

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Connections by Tony Lavely


by Tony Lavely

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  1. Man, I really wish I'd seen this earlier! I don't know how I missed it. I added myself to your site--hopefully I will get updates that way? Anyway, glad to see you're doing well with your publishing!

    1. Thanks for the comment! And what are you doing reading blogs on the 4th, anyway?
      I can't say about getting an update through adding yourself--but thanks for that too!--but RSS works just fine... the same way I follow your blog. I can recommend Vienna on the Mac, but there are a bunch of fine readers out there, no matter the platform.
      Again, thanks for commenting, and sorry to be AFK so long. Please forgive me.