Sunday, May 27, 2012

Thank You!

Updated May 28, once we got the flag up.

This post in honor of the veterans who have given their lives, their health, frequently their futures, to protect the way of life many of us take for granted. Thank you seems so small a thing to say...

I served in the US Navy for just over 4 years, back in the day. I was fortunate to be assigned, first to a school where I learned a trade I could parlay into a career, and then as part of Uncle's support of NATO, I went to Naples, Italy, for over two years, where I had the great good fortune to meet my wife. A first date on Capri was magical - must have been, 'cause she's stayed with me since! Closing out my experience was a year aboard a minesweeper, wintering in the Caribbean. While I served during the Vietnam conflict, I was never in a combat situation, nor in any danger I didn't bring on myself.

Many of our vets are not nearly so lucky. They die. They loose limbs. They suffer, from PTSD, from being away from friends and family for months or years at a time or from unemployment once they do get their papers.

Thank them.

Support elected officials who support Veterans Rights and programs to assist with medical issues, and with resocialization.

Support elected officials who will work to prevent the necessity for young women and men to die for what they believe.

It's ever so much better to live for what you believe.

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