Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"Make Good Art"

Updated May 24: The video is now available subtitled, in a bunch of languages. Click here and choose your language.

I think this needs to be seen more, so if somehow you've missed it, take the few minutes to watch this through.

Then, be yourself by following Neil's precepts.


  1. As I told another friend, it would have been nice if this had been the speech at my college graduation. Instead, they got the guy who made the company that sold students their textbooks and totally ripped us the hell off. He smugly informed us he'd never completed college (had dropped out), college educations were essentially useless and he'd made himself considerably wealthy and successful - the implication being at OUR expense since we had to buy our textbooks through him. And the worst part is, he's probably STILL more successful than the majority of my graduating class, of any major.

    1. Thanks, JE. Yeah, I liked that while Neil said he'd scarperd from school as soon as he could, he'd come to appreciate what the grads had been through.
      Interesting what choices are made in speakers - not just for commencements - and what values those choices demonstrate.