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Dragons Run My Life Cover Revals

As promised, probable covers for the first four Dragons Run My Life stories, along with blurbs for each. Opinions and suggestions in the comments are requested, welcomed and appreciated.

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Book One - The Faux Princess

A muddy walk to the store earns Tanial a headache and a not to be denied opportunity to stand in for a dead Princess.

Because Liam’s man killed the Princess instead of preparing her for examinations to confirm her as suitable for marriage to the King, Liam is most anxious to make amends. A whisper in his ear sends him across Tanial’s path; he recognizes her uncanny similarity to the dead princess and instantly delivers Tanial’s headache from atop his horse.

Being wed to the King of the far-off land excites Tanial not nearly as much as Liam does during their ride to his camp.

To survive to love Liam, Tanial must befriend her new sister, dupe the King’s examiners, avoid an assassin and endure a journey of five hundred leagues on horseback.

The Faux Princess is the first book in a multi-book series set on a continent on the planet Toile. The desire to understand their world and the taboos they live with drives them. Of course, they have responsibilities, too: their families, their friends and compatriots. Conflicts, assassins, ordinary day-to-day tasks all must be managed; none can be set aside for the quest.

The dragons speak to a few, without revealing their plans, or especially their nature. Their guidance, to use the term loosely, lacks any rationale; the few must make their own choices whether to accept the advice or not. Predictably, they follow when the direction given matches their instincts and hopes. How the dragons will react when their words are not heeded remains to be seen. Perhaps they know well enough how to couch their counsel so it will always be palatable.

Family, friends, country and joy of discovery drive the actions of those we see; the others are equally driven, perhaps to seek the same goals.

The Faux Princess Cover:

Amerith - A Dragons Run My Life Short Story


The girl Amerith grows up to be a skilled thief and then a world-class assassin, named after her profession, Dunver, until she takes the title, name and role of Mistress Warden Marshal to the Princesses of Lindebalgh. Her mentor and her debt will return, to wreak havoc on the Warden’s life.

Amerith is a short side trip that adds to the experience of Toile and its characters. It is best read between Book One, The Faux Princess, and Book Two, The True Princess.

Amerith Cover:



Book Two - The True Princess


King Esben travels to seal his alliance with the King of Aberystrad through the marriage of his daughter, Princess Miriajona, to that King. Esben’s youngest daughter, Princess Jenoele, unwillingly accompanies him and his Queen. To gain some benefit from her reluctant trip, the ten-and-a-half-year-old princess elects to confront her older sister, Saitanne, about her sudden appearance two otto’dars earlier. That encounter ends with less drama than Jenoele expects, but her decision marks her as prey for assassins seeking red-headed princesses.

Larger phenomena are about to change her life even more than the assassins.
She just wants to go home.

Miriajona is caught in the whirlwind of dresses, gowns and fittings in preparation for the wedding, and prevented from being alone with the King.
She just wants to love him.

Tanial leads her motley team of… well, friends is best. She has yet to learn they can’t all be friends.

The True Princess Cover

Book Three - The Voyages Home


Jenoele rides with her Regent Tanial and a few trusted friends to Rendekebing and the Lindebalgh palace. With her da, the King, dead in the waters off the coast, she and Tanial will take the throne and control of Lindebalgh, and await their sister Miri, ready for a dual coronation party.

Miri and Rhion intend a peaceful, boring thir’dar trip from Sianel Dnias to Rendekebing. That’s their plan.

Their plan works out better than Jenoele’s; they aren't kidnapped by a revenge-seeking former minister.

However, at least three others ride north after them with different goals in mind.

The Voyages Home is the third of the Dragons Run My Life series. Will Jenoele and Tanial actually arrive home… Do they know where ‘home’ is?

The Voyages Home Cover


Artwork is all © Howard David Johnson.

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