Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Review of Dragon's Hope

Four Stars (of five) for Dragon’s Hope (Dragon Eggs Book 2), by Emily Martha Sorensen, with cover art by Eva Urbaníková.

Book Two of this series is almost as much fun as the first one, Dragon’s Egg. As usual with books two, the story line has been telegraphed to one extent or another; wild-eyed excitement at unsuspected things is mostly absent.

No spoilers here, because for all that I said the story line’s been telegraphed, that’s only partially true, and the twists (for which I’m appreciating Ms Sorensen more and more) are delightful. These twists include fun new characters, promising continued adventures for our heroes as the series continues.

We travel another several weeks with our three characters, Rose, Henry and Virgil, and their trial and tribulations won’t come as a surprise to any parent. The perseverance Rose and Henry demonstrate is both touching and necessary, given the responsibility they’ve accepted.

While I was offered an ARC in exchange for an honest review, I chose to purchase it from Amazon instead. My review, substantially the unchanged, will also appear at Amazon and Goodreads.

I read Dragon’s Hope on my MacBook Pro using the Kindle for Mac app. I noticed no typos or other errors of that sort. Based on my experience, I believe there should be no problem using a Kindle. Ms Urbaníková’s cover does deserve a color display.

I recommend Dragon’s Hope to anyone looking for a clean, fun—especially fun!—continuation of a series with three characters whose adventures in life are just beginning.

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