Friday, January 8, 2016

Not as Productive as...

Well, it’s the beginning of the year. Some people try out new resolutions to help guide their behavior; some try out old ones for the same reason. Most fail.

For me, I don’t do resolutions; I know what I need to do, if it doesn’t get done, I have no one to blame… Or more correctly, I know who to blame: me.

In any event, the past couple three months have only produced a few thousand words for the current WIP. That’s disappointing, or would be if I hadn’t critted two and a half books for my beta reader (the half is one in process now), finished making changes to Sandfall and Allure, the revised versions of Mercenaries: A Love Story, and gotten them and Coda?, the fourth book in the series, done and up on Amazon and CreateSpace.

I also reworked my author page at Amazon, and the back matter for all my books. This clean-up isn’t finished; I want to create new paperback covers for Freedom Does Matter and Connections to match the others in the series, and finish the changes suggested for Discoveries so I’ll be able to release it in March.

I posted the descriptions of the five books at the end of last year. Here I’ll put the books in order again, with the links to Amazon and CreateSpace pages for each of the books. Feel free to peruse any and all of them at your leisure. If you’re moved to purchase one or more, that would be wonderful.

Enjoy your new year going forward; best of luck with your resolutions!

As always, comments are welcome.

The books of the Mercenaries series, in the recommended order. The Amazon links are for Kindle versions, the CreateSpace links for paperback versions. All these books are in the Kindle Match Books program, so if you purchase the paper version, the corresponding ebook is free.

Sandfall at Amazon,                         and at CreateSpace.
Allure at Amazon,                            and at CreateSpace.
Freedom Does Matter at Amazon,   and at CreateSpace.
Connections at Amazon,                  and at CreateSpace.
Coda? at Amazon,                            and at CreateSpace.

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