Monday, March 9, 2015

Here We Are Again

For the second day in a row, the temperature has remained above freezing long enough to be noticeable. Which isn’t all that far above freezing, to be sure, but it is what it is. Weather people state with greater or lesser certainty that the snow lying deep on our lawns and gardens will survive no longer than the beginning of April, four weeks or so. Unless…

Along with the moderation in temperature, the sky is azure, the sun is brightly shining, reflecting from the still-white snow—where we live, anyway—requiring the use of sunglasses for excursions out of the shade.

It’s beautiful.

To a review of writing projects.

To avoid working on the problems with book three, Connections, I did a few reviews and crits, and worked on books four and five. In spite of that lollygagging, I have now finished the trimming and rewrites for Connections. It comes in just under 90K words, down from 110K plus. To me, the problems my reader had have been addressed, but that could be entirely because I know the story in all its incarnations and backstory too well to recognize a problem, far less how to fix it.

In any event, it is with another reader; we’ll see how it sits this time. Depending on the feedback, I'll publish it soon.

Books four and five are both ‘complete.’ What that really means is the second or third draft of book four, Coda?, and the first draft of book five, Served Cold, have been done. Coda? is nearly ready for beta readers (any volunteers?) and Served Cold is ready to sit for a week or three before I reread and try to discover what I’ve left out or overstated and other fatal flaws.

Hopefully I’ll find the discipline to return and update you on whatever progress I make. Or don’t make; that’s important, too.

Thanks for reading. As always, comments are welcome.


  1. Really? Hmm, I'll have to wait and see what you've wrought.

    1. Thnaks for reading and commenting!
      I have 'appropriate' expectations, I think. And perhaps you do, also. After I fix the holes the cutting left, I'll shoot you a copy. Keep in touch, please!

    2. Always. Ever willing to help, and ask for help.

    3. Thanks for that. I appreciate it. Your blog's been quiet; what's going on?

  2. Three books. I'm still working on #2. Keep at it!

    1. Not to be... whatever, but number four just went to first beta reader and number five should follow in a month or so.

      Anxious to hear what happens with the KS for Violet Skies.

      Keep in touch, and thanks for visitng.