Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Little Help

The muse didn't completely disappear; I have enough of an outline to start and perhaps finish NaNoWriMo writing Background Check, the third of the Mercenaries stories. Waiting for Halloween to be over.

I can start that because the second book is out for critting at It's been through my two beta readers. Thanks so much to them for their willingness to be abused, and point out when it happens. I made many of the changes they suggested; now we wait for additional suggestions.

I made a slight change to the title of the second book. It is now Freedom Does Matter.

If you've gotten to here, maybe you're wondering what help I'm looking for. This is pretty easy. Below, there are five thumbnails of possible covers for Freedom Does Matter. They should come out about the same as the one Amazon uses, so, do any attract interest? Do you like any of them? Is there one that seems better than the others? Let your opinions flow. Below the thumbnails is one full size image. Opinions welcome on it as well. The two with no text beyond the title would have that added.

Have at it!

The not quite full size image of the third one:

Thanks for any opinions you are willing to share. I'll be back in a day or so asking about the blurb.


  1. Keep the author name and maybe the "mercenaries" story, my favorite was the different colored text. Absolutely drop the tag line. It's far to small to be seen in a thumbnail and when you do read it, it sounds very strange.

    1. Thanks, JE!
      By "different colored text," did you mean the red one rather than the (mostly) blue ones, or the Mercenaries in orange?
      I liked the tag line, but even so, it's too long to make large enough to see, so...

      Thanks again, I appreciate it.

  2. I liked cover four, without the tag line

    1. Thanks for that. The Mercenaries in the stand-out color didn't do it for you, I guess. I was thinking of using it across all the stories (if I ever write more, LOL).
      Thanks, I appreciate the help!