Friday, April 27, 2012

Going On the Road

At the beginning of May, we're going to saddle up and drive to Fort Sill, Lawton, OK, to attend my nephew's graduation from the Army basic training program. He will by then have spent twelve or so weeks learning all those cool Army things, like why you never want to forget your gas mask! We'll take the opportunity to visit some family and do a little sight-seeing long the way, with stops in Newark, OH, Cawker, KS (the home of the Biggest Ball of Twine) and Nashville, TN on our way to a family wedding in Chesapeake, VA about the middle of the month.

After that (whew - it's a lot of driving, about 4200 miles), we'll arrive home in Boston for some relaxation. Well, I'll relax, sort of, since another stop is in Kansas City, where I'm setting a scene for Freedom No Matter, and I'll have to write the darn thing. My wife will return to work, which pays bills, unlike my writing, so far at least.

I'm not expecting to be out of pocket very much, except while I'm in the 70 hours of actually driving, so I won't be able to use it as an excuse for not responding to any questions or comments made then, although it may delay responses a little. Like, till I get down to Panera!

If you're interested, you can follow the trip here, where we'll try to update with comments and pix as we go. And, no, that good looking couple on horseback is my brother and his bride.

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