Wednesday, December 7, 2011


First, NaNoWriMo: By my word count, an unmitigated disaster. Not quite 10% of the 50 000 word goal. However, the words I did get written will not be lost (I think). And they led me, not astray, I don't think, but somewhere I hadn't planned to be. The two primary characters came to me after the last few words flew from my fingertips into Scrivner's memory. The less primary one said, "You know, it's not gonna work for her this way. I have to die." The other one just nodded, not particularly happy. And neither am I. Not big on killing girls. So, I have to either accept her words - she does know what she's talking about, after all - or I have to rethink where the story is going. I haven't made that decision yet. Hopefully I'll have it done before NaNoWriMo rolls around next year. But I gained that from the experience. That's good. I'm happy and I'll do it again.

Second, Sales: None, so far. Oh, well.

Third: Book Two: Almost complete with the latest round of world-changing edits. Dropped something like 18 000 words, and focused the story better, I think. I'll be out to my beta readers soon to see what they think. Then to decide if I should make it all one big book...

That's it for now. I hope all the holidays you celebrate are wonderful for you.


  1. Sorry to hear no sales!! When I published "Shackled", it was really slow going. Even today, with 3 5-star reviews, nobody seems to really know it's out there. All I can say is write, write and write some more! The more visible you are, the better chance you have :) (I didn't see any sort of increase in sales until IH.)

    Also, I sent an e-mail that didn't seem to go through (not showing up in my sent folder?) If you click on any of the progress bars, it SHOULD take you to the page where I picked up the widget! Thanks so much for stopping by :)

  2. Thanks, JE. Imma doin' that. Sent you an email, too. Clicking on the progress bars does drop you back, so thanks for that.

  3. If I might make a suggestion, re-write the promotional blurb for your book. As it is, it really does not sell the story. Just my two penneth worth.