Monday, November 14, 2011

NaNoWriMo Update

Not good. This has turned out to be a poor month - not that any month would be better, I suppose. It's a matter of discipline, and not having other tasks that seem more... time critical.

I have logged just under 2200 words, which makes me feel really sad when Becka tweets that she's just under 25,000.

I'd be higher if I counted the words I put in the blog, or the words I put in critting others' work, or, or, or. No, I'm honest. I've been doing those instead of Freedom. It's a conscious choice. I'll put more words into Freedom, but I'm also editing (if that term can be applied to a total restructuring!) Mercenaries Book Two - see my previous post - hoping to get that completed early next month.

Words of encouragement gratefully accepted. Those of you who felt your word counts were low, take heart: someone is lower!

Keep writing!

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