Thursday, March 31, 2011

Twelve Worlds Announcment

I take a day off, and everyone has the word out.

Oh, well. Here's my announcement, for those who may not have seen it elsewhere.

This collection includes fourteen stories, over 80,000 words. The stories run the gamut of speculative fiction:  romantic fantasy, ghosts, hard SF, vampires. It includes Derek Canyon's Noose in a great story set before Dead Dwarves Don't Dance, and another set in Edward Cote's Violet Skies universe. More information, including story blurbs and author bios, is available at the Twelve Worlds web site. Visit there.

Did I mention it's for charity? The authors selected Reading Is Fundamental; RIF will receive all the authors' royalties from the sale of the book. The price has been set at $2.99 (US$). The release date is early April. Check back here for details on where you can purchase Twelve Worlds. A great bargain and a way to help great work by RIF!


  1. Of course we put the word out when you had a day off Tony, didn't you know there's a conspiracy against you. You're NOT paranoid if everyone IS out to get you, you know.

    Will check out the formats when it's released. Don't have Kindle, e-books ar any technology more advanced than the bycicle. BTW, what the F&&^$ is RIF???

  2. Phil, RIF == Reading Is Fundamental,

    If you have a PC, you can haz Kindle. Or on a Mac. Or whatever. I think you can do it from down under...